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Why Should I Ice My Face?

     Icing your face has multiple benefits such as reducing redness, promoting circulation, and clearing under eye dark circles! Another great benefit is controlling your acne and shrinking your pores simultaneously -- making them less noticeable! Icing also reduces any puffiness that you may have going on immediately. Our IcyGlowSkin Roller lifts and contours your face!

It’s Not Only For Your Face!


    Roll your IcyGlowSkin Roller wherever your body needs cold therapy. Use the IcyGlowSkin Roller for migraines, muscle pain, minor injuries, fevers, sunburns, bites, to ease hot flashes, and much more. Not only does this help your face, but your overall skin health and well-being.

Our New & Improved Version vs Old Version  

     We noticed that the old model had a few flaws, so we added a leak-proof sink design. A bottle stopper was added to ensure this leak-proof design, allowing you to keep your hands dry while using it. The shape of our IcyGlowSkin Roller is intentionally molded for a more secure rolling process.

Easy To Set Up & Easy To Use!

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